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2015.06 EIB Exhibition
04th July 2015 - 2 comments
A recap of the pictures I presented on untamed India in June 2015. Made out of 4 trips to India.

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2013.12 Sri Lanka: elephants and birds galore!
18th May 2014 - 1 comment
The summary of a trip in Sri Lanka back in December 2013. Leopard was the main target but no leopard in the viewfinder at the end. Sri Lanka still delivered some very nice wildlife moments with its elephants and teeming birdlife.

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2013.05 part II India - Tadoba Andhari Tiger Park
09th July 2013 - 25 comments
Here is the long awaited trip report from Tadoba with the encounter between a sloth bear and a tigress.
Voici l'attendu récit de mon voyage à Tadoba avec en vedette la rencontre entre un ours lippu et une tigresse.

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2013.05 part I India - Gujarat
16th June 2013 - 12 comments
Trip report from Gujarat where I went to Sasan Gir for the Asiatic Lions and Blackbuck National Park for striped hyena, Indian wolf and blackbucks!

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